Numerous walleye, ferocious northern pike, crafty lake whitefish, and jumbo yellow perch make their home in this incredible system. With over fifteen miles of the Oba river and Cameron lake to navigate, you will never run out of areas to explore. Wildlife sightings are common in our area.  Our camp is located on the northwest tip of the 3000 square mile, Chapleau Game Preserve, the largest game preserve in the world. Abundant populations of moose, bear, lynx, and beaver roam the lands as well as American bald eagles, hawks, Canadian loons, and numerous waterfowl species roam the air.


Walleye average 16”-21”, with 30” trophies possible and are taken by most traditional walleye tactics.  In the spring from opener to late June, good fishing can be found throughout the Oba River and Cameron Lake.  As the season progresses the larger walleye migrate from the river back into Cameron Lake.   Smaller walleye remain in the Oba River year round.


Loads of 20”-26” northern pike exist, with fish over 40” present.  Early in the season pike can be found in shallow water which enables the angler an exciting opportunity to sight fish.  As the water warms pike move out to deeper water and weed beds.  They are commonly caught at this time of year while angling for walleye.  Pike can be found almost anywhere throughout the system.


Light biting but hard fighting, lake whitefish and tasty jumbo perch round out the species available.  Although rarely targeted by anglers these species provide a bonus to the days catch and are a welcome addition to any shore lunch.


We encourage the release of all trophy fish to ensure our quality and quantity of fishing remains intact for future generations.

We strongly encourage the release of any Walleye 20 inches and above and Pike 30 inches and above.

Upon confirmation of booking, we will provide you with a detailed tackle and equipment list.


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